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Kairos; the present moment; opportune and right. We value this moment, revel in the moment, and have been brought together by such moments. Chronos; the measurement of time; needless and distracting. We measure moments in glasses of wine. Wine Tales by Beyond Kairos is the story of our journey together to share wines from cool climate, high altitude artisanal vineyards with other wine lovers like you. As such, most of our wines are food friendly and we love to explore wine & food pairings that involve local or asian cuisines. To give an example, our The Dreamer Viognier is a lovely bottle to go with our iconic chilli crab dish or even BBQ chicken wings from the hawker. Why don't you try the combination of wine and food that you always thought be good and share with us your findings.



Whether you're planning an event or hosting a party, we've got you covered. Get in touch with us and tell us about your event. We'll be delighted to recommend you the perfect wine for every occasion. Let's measure moments in glasses of wine.

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Other Services

Ever looked through rows and rows of wine bottles and leaving the bottle shop frustrated without a bottle of wine? Well, try out our Gypsy wine wagon where rock up to your place and invite you and your guest to a wine tasting with bottles available for you to purchase on the spot. Or maybe you are looking for someone to help come up with a wine and dine menu but with the flexibility to tweak and personalized your meals? Maybe even to support a biz virtual event where you want to pamper your guest with wine and food delivered to each and every guests.