An Ox Box

An Ox Box is a private dining experience featuring dry-aged beef. Choose from a selection of USDA prime beef, Australian Angus, or Japanese Ohmi, and get ready to indulge your palate with an exquisite cut of beef that has been meticulously aged from 30 days, all the way to 55 days! Passionately prepared by Jeff, his menu provides for a distinctive gastronomical journey, starting with enticing entrées and finishing off with delectable desserts. Whether an intimate gathering of 4 best friends or a spirited party of 18, let Jeff host you for a memorable session. Beyond Kairos is excited to partner An Ox Box to bring you our range of artisanal wines to their tantalising menu. Allow us to help you curate your next dining experience and create unforgettable moments for you.

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No.11 Private Dining

No.11 is a passion project and an extension of Chef Crystal and her natural tendency to feed and connect people through food. Her cuisine is an eclectic array of dishes crafted by her extensive time away from Singapore and home recipes passed down from her childhood where she spent most of the time squatting on the kitchen floor fanning the flames of a charcoal stove with her granny. Also an avid fan of wine and whiskey, she spends her time mostly in the kitchen when she’s not styling people at shoots. Expect home-style comfort cooking made with love to feed the soul.

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MKM Private Dining

Chef Matthew brings you Singapore-influenced contemporary cuisine that combines local flavours and classic French techniques. A finalist at the World Gourmet Summit and founder/head chef of the award-winning The Rabbit Stash, Chef Matthew marries his gastronomical expertise with his love of visual arts that treats the tastebuds as much as the other senses. Now operating as a private home dining chef, indulge in Matthew’s culinary creations in the comforts of your own home. Inspired by our national heritage and his own life experiences, a sensational dining experience that is as much an artistic one allows you to create your own unique moments with loved ones. Treat yourself to the artisanal creations of Chef Matthew and our winemakers with a curated menu designed specially for you.

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Ark Coffee

Ark Coffee is made up of a team of passionate baristas who enjoy caffeinating others and themselves. In their voyage on the Ark, the Ark Team hopes to invite people onboard to join them on adventures with coffee and friends! Ark Coffee gives them the privilege to work with and meet many people, and offers opportunities to make every interaction counts. Good coffee gathers crowds, and the heart of their brewing is building relationships and valuing each individual. Ark Coffee brews on a mobile coffee cart for events like weddings and conferences, and works with an amazing team of baristas who care about each cup. They also run a takeaway coffee bar hidden away in a little mall in Katong, and deliver their bottled handcrafted brews islandwide! Check out their website for good coffee and better friends!

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DC Collection

DC Collection is a home-based bakery which takes great pride in their cakes and dessert selections, for your daily sweet treats or hearty celebrations with friends and loved ones. Made with care and perfection, their vision is to bring a taste of happiness and joy for customers. Therefore, they strive to achieve 100% satisfaction from customers and maintain a excellent quality of selection. Check out their cakes on their Instagram or contact them at 93806833 for enquiries.


Yong's Florist

Yong’s Florist started as a wholesaler & exporter of fresh cut orchids and has vast experience dealing with all customers from all types of industries, especially the airline & tourism industries. They take pride in the freshness of their orchids and do their utmost to make them affordable to all. The orchids are grown in their very own nursery located in Malaysia and are only harvested on the very day you order. They will be elegantly packed in attractive gift boxes which will make for beautiful presents! Besides Orchids, they also have other flowers such as roses, calla lily, gerbera etc. in various kind of arrangements. Check them out at their website


Joo Bar

Joo Bar offers sumptuous Korean cuisine in a trendy setting. Inspired by all things Korean, Jamie and Kristin recreate an authentic Korean experience using diligently homemade ingredients. Makgeolli (막걸리) – a traditional Korean sparkling rice wine – is its star, being the first restaurant in Singapore to brew it in-house. With a range of other creative cocktails, pairing it with their savoury dishes makes for a unique experience every time. Joo Bar also provides event spaces against an elegant backdrop for photo-worthy moments with your guests. Beyond Kairos is excited to bring our range of handcrafted wines to Joo Bar. Pairing the finest wines from Australia with hearty Korean food makes for an exceptional partnership with the best of both cultures.

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Work Work Express

Work Work Express is a fierce and highly competitive entrant into the final mile delivery scene. Frustrated with how difficult it is for young businesses to deliver and fulfill their online orders cost effectively and painlessly, they are set up specifically to help. With a focus on last mile, same-day and express delivery with a stringent focus on delivery ethics, you can relax and focus on what you do and know best: your business. As a complete courier solution, Work Work Express also provides consultation, management and end-point delivery solutions. Your business do not need to worry about delivery fulfillment any more. Being digital commerce specialists ourselves, they will consult and advise on optimum and most effective workflow for integration to their delivery platform. Check out their website, or contact them at +65 8768 7363, to embark on your upcoming business journey with them.